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Last Updated: April 08, 2015


Who is not eligible for CHP+?

How do I apply?

You need to complete an application and provide some documentation so we can see if you can qualify.

How much does CHP+ cost?

It is free to enroll in the CHP+ Prenatal Care Program. All pregnancy care is free, including prenatal care, labor and delivery, and visits after you deliver. Other medical care, such as prescriptions, may have small co-payments depending on your family size and income.

If I am approved, when will my coverage begin?

If you qualify for the CHP+ Prenatal Care Program, your coverage will begin on the date your application was received at the CHP+ office, a Application Assistance Site, or at a Medicaid office. Once you are approved, you will receive information in the mail, including a membership handbook and a membership card.

What services does CHP+ cover?

Here are just a few of the health services CHP+ covers:

NOTE: Dental services are not covered by the CHP+ Prenatal Care Program.

How long does CHP+ Prenatal Care Program coverage last?

If you are found eligible, your coverage will last for at least 60 days after your pregnancy ends. Coverage will end 60 days after the last day of the month when your pregnancy ended. For example, if you give birth on June 26th, your coverage will last until August 30th.

Will my newborn be enrolled in CHP+?

Once CHP+ is notified of your baby’s birth, your baby will be given CHP+ coverage for a full year from their date of birth. To enroll your newborn, call CHP+ Customer Service at (800) 359-1991 , or fax the Add a Baby Form to 303-893-1780

Which doctors can I visit?

You may visit any of our prenatal providers. For medical care not related to your pregnancy, you may need to see a family health care provider. Click here for prenatal care providers and health care providers in your area.

What if I need immediate care for my pregnancy?

If you are pregnant, you may qualify for a program called Presumptive Eligibility (PE). PE is a way for pregnant women to receive prenatal care right away without having to wait to see if you are eligible. To apply, you must visit a PE Site and they will do a quick review. If found eligible you will get enrolled for up to 60 days while you wait to see if you qualify. Click here to find a PE Site in your area.

Can I apply for CHP+ for my children and for the CHP+ Prenatal Care Program for myself?

Yes. Fill out one application. CHP+ will see if your children qualify for CHP+ and if you qualify for the CHP+ Prenatal Care Program.

What if I have more questions?

You can call CHP+ Customer Service at (800) 359-1991. We have representatives ready to assist you! CHP+ Customer Service is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (se habla español). You can also visit our office. For directions and more contact information, click here.

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As of February 2014, CHP+ enrollment is 56,540 children and 866 pregnant women.*

* Source: Joint Budget Committee Monthly Report.