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Last Updated: April 08, 2015

Dental Benefits

Delta Dental of Colorado provides dental benefits to all CHP+ members. These benefits include preventive and diagnostic services, basic restorative services, oral surgery and endodontics care. There will be a maximum allowable of $600 per child per calendar year (January 1 - December 31). As with all CHP+ benefits, higher income families may be required to pay a small fee when they receive services. If you have any questions about CHP+ dental benefits or Delta Dental, call Delta Dental at 800.610.0201.

Dental Provider List

You must have Adobe Acrobat to view the following dental provider lists.

If you are searching Dental Providers you can search the provider list at the Delta Dental CHP+ Provider Directory Choose the directory based on the Group Number on your child's member identification number.

If you have any questions about Delta Dental Providers, call Delta Dental at 800.610.0201.

Request for Contract

If you would like to get more information on how to sign up as a Delta Dental Provider, visit their Website at You can also contact Delta Dental at 800.610.0201.

Contact Delta Dental of Colorado using the following information:

| P.O. Box 929 || Denver, Colorado || 80201-0929 || Phone: 800.359.1991 || FAX: 303.893.1780 |

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As of February 2014, CHP+ enrollment is 56,540 children and 866 pregnant women.*

* Source: Joint Budget Committee Monthly Report.